African American history, Amtrak history, fleeing Rebels, and the history of cannibalism

Henry Louis Gates tackles another controversial topic in a Root article: African American slave holders.

Here’s an interesting perspective: What can watching ESPN Classics teach us about how to read history?

The New York Times Disunion blog is wrapping up its 4 year run of awesome stories, and today features a piece on all those Confederates that fled the country like rats when the war was over.

150 years ago yesterday: black troops were involved in firing the last shots of the war.

Some people argue that Brown V. Board of Education didn’t actually do much of anything, but with the anniversary of the ruling coming up this weekend, here is a good piece on why it matters.

The Washington Post has an interesting piece on the history of Amtrak train derailments.

Enjoy your history delivered on a smartphone? Then you’ll appreciate this piece from Time about the best history-related apps.

Good to see: the city government of St. Petersburg is making a big effort to save the Carter G Woodson African American Museum

Oprah reflects on the history of blacks and their depictions on TV

And lastly, for you lovers of the macabre, here’s a short essay on the history of cannibalism!


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