Mad Men as history, Vikings with combs, our history with alcohol, & segregated proms

From PBS: Boston University economics professor Robert Margo argues that, “if history is the guide, Baltimore won’t recover soon.”

Was Mad Men “the greatest history lesson ever?” This dude thinks so. (But I have to be dubious of anyone that says the 1960’s was the “most turbulent decade of our history.” Um, 1860s, anyone?)

Representative (and Civil Rights hero/legend) John Lewis took a look at his FBI file and posted on Facebook about it.

Did the Vikings start out as peaceful traders? A new study shows they may have been involved in trading hair combs (of all things).

The National Archives has a new exhibit on America’s history with alcohol called “The Spirited Republic.” Should be fun! Here’s an interview with one of their advisors.

Excellent public history news: the city of New Orleans has approved plans for a National Slave Ship Museum. This has the potential to be an excellent facility, but if done poorly it could be very problematic. I’m optimistically hoping for the best.

Chaz Ebert, film producer and widow of Roger Ebert, is producing a new movie about Emmett Till and his mom’s brave insistence on an open casket funeral to display his mutilated corpse. I hope this film is done well, because I think the story has the potential to be almost as eye-opening today as the case was back then.

An interesting piece about the unsung hero that secretly kept a list of burials at Andersonville Prison while he was confined there. His work with Clara Barton is why we have marked graves at the site.

A new HBO documentary takes a look at the recent history of segregated proms (focusing on suburban town outside of Atlanta), revealing that interracial dating and sex is still controversial in many places. This interview with the documentary’s creator definitely will make you want to watch when it airs Monday night.


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