Japanese internment, musical history @ Red Rocks, more Mad Men, Rebel flag removal, & Grant’s world tour

Revisiting a Japanese Internment camp in Colorado: This New York Times piece has some good bits of oral history from Japanese-American citizens that were held there and are trying to keep the story of what happened there alive.

Seeing a concert at Red Rocks has long been on my bucket list. But now here is even more reason to go: a display of its music history.

The end of the TV series Mad Men has led to a lot of stories about the history reflected in the show. Here is a piece from Time: “History as seen on Mad Men.”

Man, I love this stuff: a long-lost Egyptian temple has been found.

Over on Civil War Memory, Kevin Levin and others discuss the story of a former Alabama state senator that went into a Confederate cemetery and removed small Confederate flags from the graves. Honestly, I don’t really know how I feel about this. I am as big of an opponent of the public display of the Rebel flag as anyone (and maybe more), but I’m not sure how I feel about someone taking away flags that someone placed on a grave. But, I dunno.

Emerging Civil War has an interesting post on U.S. Grant’s world tour.

So it appears that British television has some inaccuracies in how it deals with WWI. Here is one British professor’s thoughtful and interesting thoughts on that.

So now that the controversy has seemingly died down, here are the full details of what Ben Affleck tried to hide about his slave-owning ancestor.

Here are two stories about two different teachers that have tried contrasting means of getting their students more interested in history. One brings military vets into class, and the other is using Civil War video games.

A small piece in praise of visiting historic sites. In this case, Gettysburg and Antietam.


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