History Channel & online courses, drones & ancient history, flood history, & Civil War embalming

So yesterday I was bashing the History Channel, but now we get this story about how the University of Oklahoma history department has teamed up with them to make an online distance learning course. Not all of their faculty is happy about it though.

Smithsonian has three very cool videos featuring a drone’s eye view of ancient history sites. The one covering Rome’s Colosseum is particularly cool. Check these out.

Emerging Civil War has a good and thorough review of Brian Matthew Jordan’s excellent book about Union veterans.

Now here is a strange tale: Civil Discourse has a short piece about Civil War embalming, that begins with an apparent murder mystery at the Shy Mansion in Franklin Tennessee.

The American Historical Association has posted a piece from Mark Grimsley in which he uses WWII to make a case for the legitimacy of counter-factual history.

Some music history: Archaeologists believe they have unearthed the oldest known music scene in Israeli history.

With the situation in Texas and Oklahoma, here is a timely and interesting piece on the eight worst floods in US history.


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