Japan still in denial, historical memory of the KKK, getting kids excited about history, & the history of LOL.

South Korea and Japan are fighting about the history and memory of WWII in regards to the preservation of historical sites. Just more evidence that Japan is “in denial.”

And speaking of historical memory: the University of North Carolina has decided to rename one of their campus buildings that had been named for a KKK leader. We are likely to see a lot more of these types of stories in the near future.

And speaking of both memory and the KKK, Werehistory has a good piece about how the inaccurate memory of a Reconstruction era “murder” in South Carolina helped lead to the writing of the novel that became the basis for the infamously influential 1915 film, Birth of a Nation.

On Civil War Memory, Kevin Levin says farewell to the New York Times “Disunion” series. I was fortunate to have had five pieces posted by them. Two were based on my first book, and the other three might end up forming parts of another. It was definitely a great series that produced some good stuff and helped many of us get our work and names out there to wider audiences. Thanks, Clay Risen!!

From the BBC: has a new species of human been discovered?

We all know that Americans are woefully ignorant of our history. This interview from the Smithsonian argues that the solution might be more (and better) history books for kids. (I think most of us historians can fondly recall a book from our youth that first got us turned on to history).

In China: some prehistoric tombs have been uncovered that contain the bodies of sacrificed humans.

And lastly, here is an essay from the Washington Post about the history of textual representations of laughter (haha, hehe, LOL) that goes way back before texting and online chatting. This is more interesting than you might think.


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