The problems with digitizing history, McPherson has another list, history that Fox Mulder would love, and a mummified leg.

Interesting piece from Salon: are we going to have trouble retrieving historical data in the future because of the way that we are storing data today?

We all know about the problem with textbooks in Texas, but are there also problems with them in California? This student group believes so.

And speaking of books, James McPherson has recently named his top 6 books about the Civil War that historians should be reading. Last year he caused a big stir when he named his top Civil War historians, so what do you think about this new list concerning books?

Now here is a list that Fox Mulder would love: 10 unexplained “paranormal” events that changed history.

Here’s a thoughtful piece from HNN, which considers the strengths and weaknesses of history, fiction, and historical fiction in conveying historical “truths.” I am not sure I like the writer’s ultimate conclusions, but the essay is worth considering.

And here is your macabre news for the day: in order to learn more about Egyptian mummification, these scientists used ancient methods to mummify a modern human leg.


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