Civil War & the Constitution, a new dig in Boston, spacewalking, sound as cultural history, and music history

“Disunion” has a great essay by Paul Finkelman on how the Civil War changed the Constitution. I’ve always done something similar to this as a wrap-up to my US History to 1865 class, but this is way better than anything I’ve ever done with my classes.

There is an interesting new archaeology dig going on in Boston at the site of the nation’s oldest public school.

Today is the 50th anniversary of America’s first space-walk. Time has a photographic history of spacewalks.

Want to walk the historic Abbey Road and visit the studio? Now you can do it with a few online clicks.

And while we are talking about historic recordings: Here’s a story about a Library of Congress project to archive more of our radio broadcast history. “Sound history is cultural history.”

Are these the oldest tea leaves in Britain?

A 500-year-old engraving may show Leonardo da Vinci playing a musical instrument. If verified, the engraving is the third contemporary depiction of da Vinci still in existence.

How does Kris Kristofferson know so much about Civil War Music? He learned it from reading Christian McWhirter, of course.

And here is yet more music history:  Smithsonian has an interesting place on the birthplace of the Blues; Dockery Farms.


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