Doughnuts, floating eyes, comics, whiskey, and lightsabers

Today’s bag has a fun mixture, perfect for Friday.

So there was that time that legendary Hollywood director John Ford caught the Battle of Midway on film.

It is National Doughnut Day. Time has the surprising history behind it. Mmmm, douuuughnuts.

Here’s some pop culture history from NPR about some comic superheroes that were just plain weird. A Floating Eyeball?

Speaking of comics, Civil War Pop reviews a dark but interesting graphic novel on the conflict.

And while we’re on the Civil War, Megan Kate Nelson has written a Civil War quiz for the “Disunion” blog, and it is so much cooler and informative than all those other online pop quizzes.

And speaking of cool, here is a piece on the history of the lightsaber. Ah yes, “an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.”

Before you hit the town tonight, how about a look at the history of whiskey and monks. Yes, monks. The holy guys.

Perhaps you are catching a baseball game tonight. How about a look at 5 of the craziest moments in baseball history?

And lastly, on a more serious note, here’s an interesting piece from an economist about the value and danger of trying to draw lessons from history.


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