Volcanoes, Wonderland, fighting pits, a 700 year old American casino, an Ancient Wonder Woman, and a goofy Rebel hat.

This essay in the Chronicle of Higher Educations asks, “Is anything indisputable? . . . Does historical fact even exist, or is it simply a relativistic construct?”

Forbes has an interesting article on how a 1783 volcanic eruption changed the course of history.

For you literary history fans, the New York Times has a piece on Lewis Carroll and “the secret history of Wonderland.”

Here’s another attempt to place Game of Thrones in some real historical context: this one is about “fighting pits.”

And speaking of pits: is this cave in Utah the site of America’s first betting casino? (from 700 years ago)

But a discussion of gambling and fighting pits would not be complete without the Roman Colosseum. It seems that they have unveiled a new feature at the famous ruins: a recreated trapdoor in the floor that was used to unleash deadly animals on the fighters.

Meanwhile, a 2,500-year-old predecessor of DC Comics’ Wonder Woman super heroine has emerged on a vase painting kept at a small American museum. Yep, complete with a lariat she is using in battle.

And lastly, over on Emerging Civil War, Drew Gruber has an interesting piece on a very unusual hat that may or may not have been worn by a Texas soldier fighting at Gettysburg. Or was it just a strange piece of postwar regalia for a reunion or fraternal organization? (Either way, it is goofy-looking).


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