Migrant crisis, prison breaks, segregated pools, tea, and water guns.

With 2015’s migrant crisis in the news, Time has posted a story about “the long, sad history of migrant ships being turned away from ports.”

A major prison break story is in the headlines, so here’s a piece on the 5 craziest prison breaks in US history.

With the story out of McKinney, Texas (which I think there is much more to than the media is focusing on), Slate made a connection with our ugly history of segregated swimming pools. Meanwhile, NPR made the same connection as well.

On the lighter side, NPR also has a short piece about Americans and iced tea (and booze).

And if that story was not summertime enough for you, here’s a history of water guns, that argues that we’ve ruined them by making them too complex. Agreed!

There’s an archeology dig going on at Fort Mercer in New Jersey, and it is pulling up some Revolutionary history (and they are letting school kids watch. Fun!)


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