Games of Thrones & history, Magna Carta & memory, Phil Collins & the Alamo, and Jaws.

After last night’s season finale of Game of Thrones, I knew we’d probably get an article or two like this, so it is the first thing I looked for today. Here, Time has the true history behind Cersei’s walk of shame

The Magna Carta turns 800 years old this week, but some scholars say that its importance has been exaggerated. Has it? This essay in the New York Times is an interesting piece about the Magna Carta, but perhaps more importantly it provides an example of how the memory/legacy of an event can be more important than the event was at the time.

Big news out of Charlottesville: UVA has started a new center for Civil War history. We all know that their PhD program has nearly cornered the market in producing our best young Civil War scholars, so I am sure the center will be an amazing research facility.

How about a list of the 5 strangest presidential candidates in US history? Yes, please.

Slate argues that Facebook is redefining the meaning of history, in a negative way. “History used to be collective. Facebook is making it selfish.” Um, really?

So what’s the connection between British rock legend Phil Collins and the Alamo? Apparently he is a major buff and has amassed the world’s largest private collection of Alamo relics. Now, he is donating it to the museum. Bravo.

A little Hollywood and film history: Jaws is considered the first summer “blockbuster,” and here is how it changed American and world culture. (It is returning to the big screen this summer to celebrate its 40th anniversary. If you get a chance to see it don’t pass it up. Anyone that has seen it on a big screen will tell you how much more amazing it is up there. Trust me on this one).


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