Roof understands what the Confederacy stood for better than a lot of people, like Ben Jones, for instance.

South Carolina continues to be the main focus of history news, and for good reason.

The bombshell today was the discovery of Roof’s “manifesto,” and it justified all the connections everyone (except people in denial) have been making between his actions, racism, and the glorification of the Confederacy. If you have not read it, I really hope you will take the time to do so.  I’ll say this: at least Roof knows what the Confederacy stood for. Thus he knows his history better than a lot of people; like Ben Jones, for instance. Personally, I think the award for best response to these “Heritage not hate” guys goes to the Tattooed Professor (Kevin Gannon). After this post, I picture him dropping the mic and walking off the stage. BOOM.


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