The Rebel flag (& a-holes); the “rape myth;” Waterloo’s last soldier; The (Ancient Greek) Walking Dead; and leather underwear.

I hate that it took the death of nine people to create the momentum for this, but it seems that South Carolina may be finally on the verge of doing the right thing about that damn rebel flag (although the governor is still trying to not offend the “heritage” crowd). There are a lot of things to hate about social media, but this is a perfect example of what can be accomplished by it. I love the title of this article: The Internet Is Done With The Confederate Flag. Excellent. But, as Brooks Simpson asks, now what? Let’s hope this movement doesn’t end there and that our war against the glorification of the Confederacy and the Lost Cause maintains momentum. Of this I am less optimistic.

CNN has a piece that argues the “Confederate flag deserves history’s harsh verdict.” You’re next, Mississippi and Georgia.

Really happy to see that UNC Press (shameless plug: they published my book) has a blog post that rounds up some of the best works done by historians in response to the events in Charleston. Unfortunately, they posted it earlier today and thus missed another good piece from Joshua Rothman for We’re History, focusing on the “rape myth” that was apparently perpetuated by Roof during his rampage.

Ah, that Keith Harris, he has a way of bluntly getting to the heart of the matter. Here he asserts that flying the Confederate flag makes you an a**hole.

And now for something completely different:

Most people view the US embargo as a long-standing policy that has done little good. Has it actually worked like a charm?

Check out this story and pic of the last surviving soldier that fought at Waterloo.

A dig in Sicily suggests that the ancient Greeks were afraid of Zombies! Awesome.

And speaking of the ancients, have you ever wondered if they were going commando under those togas? Then you’re in luck, because today Forbes has the answer.


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