SCOTUS makes history; of Rebel monuments & video games ; Elvis vs. Nathan B. Forrest; culinary history; Abe’s bad blind date.

Of course the big news today is the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage, and the event itself is “a decision for the history books.” But personally, I would like to see some historians craft essays that place the ruling in the context of the Reconstruction amendment that made it possible, and the debate over whether Reconstruction was the total failure that many paint it as. Eric Foner, this seems like a good time for you to chime in.

I was pretty sure that historians would soon be heard on the issue of expanding the attack on Rebel flags to an attack on Confederate memorials and monuments. This essay in the Atlantic is a good start, but I doubt it will stop here.

What about Rebel flags in video games? Christian McWhirter calls foul on Apple for removing a historical game because it uses the flag to mark the position of Confederate troops in a Gettysburg game.

Meanwhile, Kevin Levine puts the whole flag controversy into the context of the the sesquicentennial, arguing that perhaps the shooting was not the true catalyst for the movement against the flag, but that it is the end result of a “slow retreat” that has been going on for some time.

Colin Woodward (who’s fine book I am reading right now for a review) has a blog post about a recent visit to Memphis. He’s glad to see that while Elvis still packs ’em in, Nathan B. Forrest sites seem pretty desolate.

Now this is pretty cool: the Smithsonian American history museum will now have a “Food Friday” program each week in which the audience will get a culinary history lesson while food is being prepared by chefs and culinary experts.

Ever been on a bad blind date? You of course are not alone, but did you know that Abe Lincoln once had a very bad one?


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