Reading lists on the Confederacy; the Lost Cause; Rebel flag on the Shaw Memorial; the Stonewall Riots; & some flag fun.

Today’s history news is almost exclusively Civil War related (not that there’s anything wrong with that:

In response to a NY Times list of essential books about the Confederacy (that contained some very dated scholarship), Joshua Rothman offers up a much better list of books that are Actually Essential Reading About the Confederacy.” We can always quibble about lists like this when they are small ( I have some problems with Confederate Reckoning being on the list), but this is a pretty solid.

Need a good, yet very short essay to send to friends that don’t understand the “Lost Cause” myth, where it came from, and how it has been spread? Here ya go.

So it seems that someone put a rebel flag on the 54th Massachusetts Memorial in Boston, but it was not meant to be pro-Confederate.

Here’s a good piece from CBS discussing how the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage was a victory for a movement that in many ways began with the Stonewall riots in 1967.

So they took down the Confederate flag displays at Fort Sumter. I’m not sure how I feel about this one, since the display included contextual interpretive markers. Still, this is publicly funded land, so I get it.

Any finally, do you need some laughs about all this flag stuff? Kevin Levin has got you covered.


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