Is changing names just a way to avoid our history?; the history of Americans and tattoos; the history of the “leap second.”

I am headed out of town this week for a 4th of July vacation. Thus my news postings will be few and far between, although I will probably stick a few things up like today. Everyone have a great Fourth!

Now that the Rebel flags are coming down, should we change the names of all buildings and roads, etc. that were named after folks like Calhoun or Ben Tillman? Here’s Professor Jennifer Denton’s opinion: “Changing names is a way of avoiding our history, not grappling with the complex realities of it.”

“Slavery was a choice,” says this African American defender of the Confederate flag. I think this requires no comment.

Here’s a history of Americans and tattoos, and its more interesting than you might think. (Pretty good illustrations, too).

So what’s the deal with this extra second that has been added? Here’s the “very short history of the the leap second.”


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