Gov. Haley’s Facebook wall; moving Forrest; Disney gets in on the action; the VJ-day kiss mystery; astronaut wives

Whoah nelly! Today i had a pretty contentious classroom discussion about the news out of South Carolina, as a couple of students expressed the “heritage not hate” argument. But most distressingly, a couple of them denied that slavery was THE cause of secession. Fun times. But at least it was nothing like what greeted South Carolina governor Nikki Haley on her Facebook wall which became “the scene of racist tantrums the likes of which are rarely observed outside of white nationalist enclaves.”

For me, one of the most interesting parts of the South Carolina story was the passionate speech by South Carolina state rep.  Jenny Horne. If only we could get this kind of sensibly passionate leadership from all our politicians.

And then there is this stuff out of Memphis about moving Nathan B. Forrest’s remains and statue from a public park. This seems to me to be taking things too far, as we would be much better served to place interpretive signs up that explain his role in preserving slavery, the founding of the KKK, and how the memorialization of him is a perfect example of the perpetuation of the Lost Cause. (However, something tells me that that would be met with the same resistance we are seeing to moving his body).

Getting in on the removal of Confederate symbols is Disney, but again, I don’t get the sense in removing it from an exhibit about American history. Isn’t that where it belongs, in an education context??

Lastly on this flag issue is The Onion. Enjoy.

Meanwhile, in other news:

There are some people going through a lot of effort just to try and figure out who the people are that are kissing in the famous WWII picture, “VJ Day in Times Square.” Interestingly, it seems that some physicists have gotten involved with the mystery.

Forgive me, but here is more Civil War stuff (though thankfully it does not involve the flag debate). Over on Civil War Pop, Christian McWhirter has his third installment analyzing the movie Gettysburg, and this time he gives it some more positive credit. (and yes, I will soon be contributing a blog piece for the site on the movie Glory. Stay tuned for that!)

Speaking of history in pop culture, how well is that new ABC series about astronaut wives in the 1960s doing with historical accuracy? Not too well, according to this assessment in the Washington Post.


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