Trees are better memorials than flags; John Adams deserves his due in DC; America still loves Lafayette; historians and SCOTUS; the CIA’s sense of humor.

Big events in South Carolina today, but how about something different?

Tired of the flag discussion? Here is an interesting blog post from William Kerrigan (who I had the pleasure of meeting back in May when I gave a Richmond battlefield tour to his class) in which he discusses the history of the Camp Chase Confederate cemetery in Ohio, movingly pointing out that the trees there are a better memorial than a flag could ever be.

I am all for this, and it is long overdue: John Adams should have a major memorial in DC. Yep. Let’s get on it.

Speaking of the Revolution: in all the momentous events going on this summer, you may have missed the fact that a French frigate is sailing for Boston Harbor, and will land there in a couple of days to commemorate Lafayette’s voyage and visitation to the US 235 years ago. Here’s a good piece on We’re History about the visit and America’s Lasting Love for General Lafayette.”

Do the humanities not matter? Here’s a good piece that points out that the Supreme Court’s recent historic decision on marriage was in many ways made possible by the work of historians.

Why have so many of the Roman Empire’s structures stood for so long? Perhaps it is because in creating their concrete, they learned from volcanos.

Keith Harris muses about battlefield visitation, and asks whether it should be a more solemn experience than we often see in our parks. (Back when I was a park ranger, I sometimes had to stop people from flying kites or tossing the frisbee around, and they frequently could not understand why they were not allowed such activities on battlefields).

So who knew that the CIA Twitter account was full of goofiness? After seeing this article, I think I will start following them.


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