Atticus Finch & F.B Simkins?; Are we all social media sexists?; more on Confederate and KKK memory; ancient dentistry?

Now here is an interesting take on the whole Atticus Finch controversial and it is presented in the context of a little Reconstruction historiography. “The Historian Who Evolved the Same Way as Atticus Finch”

The brilliant Megan Kate Nelson has a new post up on Historista, that argues that we might all be social media sexists and don’t even realize it. Hmm.

Meanwhile, Keith Harris weighs in on the debate over what to do with Confederate monuments, and adds to it by suggesting that technology could play a role in helping to contextualize them.

What about murals? There is one in a Florida courthouse that is stirring up some debate about whether depicting the KKK is racist, or just an accurate depiction of history.

Dentistry from 14,000 years ago? Apparently so.


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