Some Disney history; another cannonball found at UA; 18th century weather forecasting; Ben Tillman was “repugnant”; the end of the SCV?; Hollywood whitewashing

Of course the big news today is the shooting in Chattanooga, and it rightfully overshadows everything else. Sadly, this is not the first time that military personnel have been targeted by shooters. Military recruiting stations clearly need tighter security.


Today is the 60th anniversary of the opening of Disneyland. Apparently, opening day was a disaster. Good stuff.

So they found another Civil War cannonball here on the University of Alabama campus today. This place was an Antebellum military academy and was burned by Union troops late in the war, but now I have to wonder what else is buried under this ground that we have yet to discover!

It has been a pretty brutal summer down here in the Deep South. As I type this it is 98 degrees and there is a “heat advisory” from the National Weather Service effective until 9 PM on Sunday, warning of a heat index as high as 110. Good to know. But have you ever wondered how they predicted the weather in the 18th century? (Surely, you must have). If so, Colonial Williamsburg has the answer.

What do hats tell us about American men? Apparently, a lot.

Clemson University is struggling with what to do about the fact that avowed racist Ben Tillman is one of their founders. Their first step in addressing the controversy appears to be to issue a statement acknowledging that the dude was “repugnant.”

Meanwhile, over on Civil War Memory, Kevin Levin dares to dream that the end of the Sons of Confederate Veterans is nigh. As the group meets in Richmond, Brooks Simpson also gets in on the mocking.

Here is a pretty good rant about Hollywood’s tendency to “whitewash” history in the casting choices they make for historical films, and the essay roots itself in some Egyptian history.


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