New Civil Rights memorial in Alabama; WWII tunnels; ancient biblical texts; Lowell Girls- the musical??

Confederate memorials seem to be dominating the news these days, so it is nice to note that down here in Alabama there has been an addition to the Selma-to-Montgomery trail. In Marion, Alabama, new signs and memorials have been installed to pay tribute to Jimmie Lee Jackson, the man who’s murder in many ways led to the march. Instead of more attempts to remove Confederate memorials, I would rather see more of this kind of thing.

Speaking of new historical attractions, the UK is set to open up some tunnels that were built under the White cliffs of Dover during WWII.

The second oldest known biblical text has been discovered and it contains scripture from Leviticus.

Well, I was excited to see that the Lowell girls were going to get a movie, but it turns out it is a musical. I like musicals, but I was hoping we’d get some get serious drama involving 19th century women’s history. Oh well.

The Civil War Trust just keeps on doing great work. Here’s news on their latest success.

Lastly, Peter Carmichael’s recent interview with James McPherson is now up on Cspan’s video site. It is an interesting conversation in which Pete threw him some curveballs involving current events.


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