Dominion Virginia Power sucks; birth of the quick-draw duel; history of prisons; setting the record straight on the Scopes Trial; some culinary history; a six legged sheep?

So this story has been ongoing news in Virginia for a long while now, so I am glad to see that the national media is finally joining in the discussion. THIS MUST BE STOPPED, or the experience of visiting the Jamestown site will be dramatically different and tarnished. And by the way, Dominion Virginia Power, you suck for even wanting to do this in the first place.

Most of us know that the quick draw shootout so ubiquitous in movie westerns bears little resemblance to actual duels and/or shootouts in the Old West. However, they are rooted in an actual event involving Wild Bill and Civil War animosities, and it took place 150 years ago today. Check this out.

And speaking of violence and crime: This is a pretty good little history of American prisons (although I think it needed to root things a bit more deeply in the Antebellum reform movements) that discusses where they came from, the role they played in race control, and  how they become the overcrowded social problem they are today.

Speaking of the legal system: the National Constitution Center (a great public history facility, if you’ve never been) has a blog post today that sets out to debunk some of our ideas about the Scopes Trial that may have been shaped by the play and movie Inherit the Wind. Here are ten facts to set the record straight.

And while we are dealing with lists, Time has the history behind 9 of our favorite foods.

So according to that Time piece, both pies and waffles go back to the Ancient Greeks. So while we are on the subject of the ancient greeks (how about that smooth transition?) there seems to be some disagreement about the tomb of Alexander the Great’s dad.

And while we are talking about old buried bones, it seems that some strange hybrids of animal bones have been found in England, including a six legged sheep and a combo cow/horse. As if that wasn’t weird enough, they found a woman with a slit throat buried facedown on top of some animal bones.


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