Reclaiming southern lumber; expansion of Antietam?; credit score history; ancient Quranic manuscript found in England; Arctic cannibalism

So this is interesting: wood that was harvested from the South after the Civil War and was used for construction in NYC, is now being reclaimed, sent back to the South, and being used in historic structures.

And speaking of reclaiming, is the Antietam battlefield about to get an additional unit in West Virginia?

Ever checked your credit score and thought, “gee, I wonder where credit scores for individuals come from in the first place?” Well, here ya go: the history of our credit scores.

One of the oldest manuscripts from the Quran has just been found—-in an English library!

Here’s the macabre news of the day: a new study reveals the extinct of the cannibalism resorted to by the members of a doomed 1845 sea expedition to find a Northwest Passage.


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