Big news coming from Jamestown (and I’ve got a clue); why the new depiction of Atticus is important; how Megan Kate Nelson broke the internet; how a legal arrest was bad policing

So there is a big announcement coming from Jamestown next week. This article is vague, but I know what it is about. They’ve found the site of the original church (where Rolfe and Pocahontas got married) and in the chancel were buried four bodies. They had a strong suspicion of who they are, but sent the remains off to the Smithsonian for DNA testing/proof. I’m pretty sure that this big announcement next week will involve the identities and it supposed to be some pretty prominent leaders of early Jamestown. Stay tuned!!

Wow. Here’s a great review by Clay Risen of the NY Times of the new Harper Lee book. I have not read it yet, but have not had the horrified reaction that many have had to the news about its new depiction of Atticus. And here Risen sums up why I feel that way. First, it does away with a particular myth we like to believe, and secondly because, “It reminds us that there are no easy answers to one of the great dilemmas of Southern society (or any society, really); that a person can be good and loved and respected and also be a terrible racist, and that those who love and respect that person have to find a way to come to terms with it.” Indeed.

So, historical rock star Megan Kate Nelson broke the internet on Wednesday with her #FollowWomenWednesday campaign. Here she explains how it came about.

Ok, this last piece is only indirectly history-related (it could have been if it had rooted things in a history of police brutality), but I think it deserves wide circulation. Here a former cop explains why the arrest of Sandra Bland was technically legal, but was not good policing.


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