Obama needs a lesson from Wilson?; history of revering and killing lions; where are the history majors?; Young Mr. Madison; a monumental mystery.

Conservative critic, (and part-time historian) George Will, submits a discussion of the Iran deal in historical context, ultimately concluding that Obama’s disdain for Congress is too Wilson-like, and that the president should learn from Wilson’s treaty failures.

The big new story of the moment seems to be the lion killing dentist. Here’s “mankind’s long history of both revering and destroying the lion species.”

The number of history majors has been in decline, and here is a decent discussion from NPR about that trend, as well as the directions that teaching history seems to be going. Not sure I agree with all these assertions here, but it is a good conversation.

Anyone that has been to Colonial Williamsburg knows what a good job they do in portraying “people of the past.” Here’s an interesting blog post from “James Madison,” about interpreting the young version of one of the “fathers of the Constitution” which provides some interesting insights into the man.

Obviously, there have been a large number of localized stories about Confederate memorials, and I have not attempted to try to post most of them. But here’s an interesting one with a unique twist. It seems that this community can’t figure out who is responsible for controlling/maintaining the Rebel monument in their town.

Lastly, this post from Kevin Levin on Civil War Memory needs no comment. Just check it out. Better just leave this one alone.


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