George Washington on the campaign trail; Hamilton draws the stars to broadway; vending holy water in the 1st century; a royal suicide pact; Truman’s decision.

Today Colonial Williamsburg has kicked off a new campaign to “reintroduce George Washington to his country,” and it will involve their actor/interpreter Ron Carnegie traveling the country showing up at election events and doing other public appearances and interviews. This is a very interesting “get out to vote” campaign, but I also hope it has other goals. One of the things that drives me crazy is when we hear political pundits and politicians insist that we have gotten away from the vision of our Founders for our country and government. This assumes that they all agreed themselves on what they intended for the country, and that they were not divided over many of the same issues that we are today. Perhaps this new “Washington” campaign will try to dispel some of that. Maybe?

Check out their announcement video:

Williamsburg also coupled the announcement with an interview with Carnegie in which he dispels “5 myths about Washington.”

Meanwhile, it looks like Washington’s political ally, Alexander Hamilton, is drawing in the celebrities on broadway.

How about a history of vending machines? This is actually pretty interesting. Did you know that one was invented in the 1st century to dispense holy water?

You might find it less surprising, however, to learn that the Romans were probably the inventors of “fast food” from street vendors.

And here’s our macabre/death-related history news for today: a 126 year old suicide note from an Austrian Baroness was just found in a bank vault. It sheds light on a tragic suicide pact between the woman and Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria.

And the most somber history news for today: this week marks the 70th anniversary of the atomic attacks on Japan. The debate over whether Truman was justified or not is the subject of this post from the History New Network.


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