Battle of Mobile Bay was kind of a big deal; children are reading history!; idiocy in political discourse is not new;Treasury Dept may be listening; Drunk History!

Us folks down here in Alabama have known this for a while, but the Battle of Mobile Bay was a pretty important event in helping to turn Lincoln’s 1864 reelection campaign. The folks at We’re History offer up this anniversary reminder for the rest of you.

Well here is some good news for the future of history education: it seems children these days are really starting to get into certain nonfiction books. (Sadly, that also includes books like these). Perhaps the Harry Potter generation will soon be supplanted by the Harriet Tubman generation??

And speaking of the youth and history, it seems that Taiwan is facing large protests by high school students over new textbooks that they believe are too “China-centric” and part of a reunification movement. Fascinating.

Think the idiocy in political discourse is worse now than ever? Think again.

So you know that women’s history museum that just turned out to be about Jack the Ripper? Perhaps it has sparked an interest in creating a REAL women’s history museum in London.

Turns out that maybe the Treasury Department is listening to us on this whole Hamilton/Jackson/Tubman thing after all.

And this might be the best news of the day: Season Three of Comedy Central’s Drunk History premieres tonight. Oh yeah!


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