GA. town still dealing with Leo Frank tragedy; Japan’s WWII apologies; saving D-day’s lead plane; memory of LA riots; a sea monster surfaces

The 100th anniversary of the Leo Frank lynching is coming up next week, and the Atlanta suburb of Marietta is still struggling with the memory of the tragic events. Some want to exonerate Frank, but a descendant of Mary Phagan insists that while antisemitism played a role in the lynching, it did not cause the verdict.

With the 70th anniversary of Japan’s WWII surrender coming up, this Washington Post piece reviews the nation’s history of apologizing for, yet still denying much of their wartime atrocities.

And speaking of WWII, check out this piece from CNN on the saving of the lead plane in the D-day invasion. Hey Hitler, “that’s all, brother.” (Be sure to watch the video).

So yesterday we made a connection between Ferguson/Baltimore with the Watts riots, but what about the 1992 LA Riots? A new movie is coming out that features the event, and the filmmakers and cast are dealing with the connections between present and past.

History reminds us that just because Trump leads the polls now, does not mean he will succeed in getting a nomination. (Let’s all pray).

A 500 year old sea monster’s head has surfaced in the Baltic! It was part of a 15th century ship, one of the best preserved to ever be found underwater.

DNA studies to help unravel the history of beer?


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