President Harding’s love child; UT moves Jeff Davis; Nefertiti found?; Our only slavery museum; Washington on the campaign trail

DNA testing has seemingly proven that Warren Harding did in fact have a love child. But as the Washington Post reminds us, he is not the only president to face questions about possibly illegitimate children. Meanwhile, since Harding has come up for conversation, let’s remind ourselves of just how corrupt his administration was, shall we?

Well, this was quick: following the recommendations of a “task force,” the University of Texas is moving their statue of Jefferson Davis. But what about the other Rebels on campus?

This interesting news broke late yesterday: it is possible that Egyptian Queen Nefertiti’s tomb has been found? In the world of Egyptology, this would be HUGE.

There are around 35,000 museums in the country, but only one dedicated specifically to slavery. Here, the director of that facility explains why he bought a historic plantation in Louisiana to provide “a meaningful and factually accurate education about slavery.”

Colonial Williamsburg’s get out to vote campaign is now in full swing, as “George Washington” made a campaign appearance today in Iowa. I really like seeing them doing something like this to expand their public history mission beyond the confines of beautiful Williamsburg.


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