Julian Bond to be honored @ UVA; AP history & the “peculiar world” of historians; Japan’s take on WWII; raising a rebel boat; tracking neo-confederate flag rallies.

Great to see this on Julian Bond: UVA is working to create a named professorship in his honor. (I sure wish the media would give as much attention to his life and legacy as they have given to Trump and/or Alabama sorority girl videos).

The US News & World Report today features an opinion piece about the AP US History standards debate, pointing out that it is part of a cultural war, but concluding that the new standards are proof that the “right” and the “left” can work together and come to some agreements about our history. Perhaps. But it also includes this provocative statement: ” professors today live in a peculiar world. Historians, literary scholars and social scientists are rewarded for becoming experts in remarkably narrow slivers of the world. Within those slivers, they are rewarded for saying novel things. Contemporary history tends to lavish its honors on historians who embrace the lenses of race, gender and disadvantage and who see the American tale as one that consists primarily of exploitation and oppression.” Whoa. I’m not touching that one publicly, I just thought I’d bring the statement to your attention.

Meanwhile, here is a defense of the new standards that gets into some of the nitty-gritty of what has been changed and why.

Speaking of contested historical interpretations, there was a lot of press given to Japan’s Prime Minister’s 70th anniversary of WWII statement. Would he acknowledge the nation’s sins? Would he whitewash Japan’s transgressions? Well, he was apologetic, but, as noted here, he still got some history wrong.

They are raising a Confederate ship from the depths of a Georgia river.

Oh lord, this is bound to stir up the crazies: Charleston schools have banned Rebel t-shirts and flags.

And speaking of the crazies, the Southern Poverty Law Center has tracked all the Confederate flag rallies since the Charleston shooting. No surprises in the map they produced.


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