Jefferson as villian; the heroic Grimké sisters; Vikings on the Hudson; our oldest vet has passed; July was hot as hell; short history of birth control


More on the broadway smash, Hamilton: The Atlantic points out that Jefferson is the villain of the story (which is appropriate if Hamilton is the hero), but puts it into the context of a general reassessment of his legacy that seems to be going on in popular culture. (I’m all for it. Long overdue).

Like many, I’ve always admired the Grimké sisters. We’re History has a good essay that shows why we all should, and calls on white southerners to see them as role models for today.

Wow. Big find! It appears that the Vikings had a small settlement near the Hudson River in the 9th or 10th century.

The oldest known US veteran (WWII) has passed away. Godspeed. (We are losing about 500 WWII vets per day. Honor the ones in your life now.)

It turns out that July was the hottest month in recorded history. Sure felt like it.

How about a short history of birth control, from the beginning of time? You got it.


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