NPS need a women’s suffrage site; Trump is a pig; Fort Monroe is NPS land now; females that pushed military boundaries; bat creatures on the moon

Today’s the anniversary of the 19th amendment, the perfect time to get behind the effort to create a National Park site dedicated to the women’s suffrage movement.

And speaking of voting, Politico has a list of 199 Trump quotes that have to leave one wondering why anyone would ever vote for this man.

Military emancipation during the Civil War began at Fort Monroe, ironically near where the first-known Africans to arrive in British North America had landed. Effective today, this historically significant area is now controlled by the National Park Service.

Think that those first two female Army Rangers are the first women to push the military’s boundaries? Think again. Here’s just a sample of others.

So we know that ISIS is trying to destroy history, but why?

On this day back in 1835, a New York newspaper reported that there were bat creatures on the moon. Check out the story of the “Great Moon Hoax.”

All White House photos of JFK’s funeral have been digitized by his presidential library.


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