No US history in S. Dakota? Gospel of Jesus’s wife?; upcoming Suffragette film; defending Harding?; a crime to look good while poor

What the ****? The South Dakota Board of Education has decided NOT to require high schools to teach US history. Is this for real??

Did some people in 2nd-4th centuries believe that Jesus had been married? A controversial papyrus suggests that they did, and a new study might provide proof that it is an authentic document and not the forgery that many claim.

How good does this look? Hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Ever want to see how someone could try to defend the Warren G. Harding administration? Well, take a look at this Op-ed in the NY Times.

So, you know how it used to be a crime for a poor person to dress well? No? Well then you must not be familiar with the history of sumptuary laws.


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