History of gun violence as seen in political cartoons; NOLA 10 years later; dating historical men; Gettysburg Address as delivered by Trump


Today the Washington Post has a history of American gun violence, as reflected in political cartoons.

I’m a huge lover of the city of New Orleans (although I would advice everyone to stay away in the summer months. The high humidity always makes the perpetual stink of its streets become unbearable!) 10 years after the hurricane, the town is enjoying a resurgence in tourism. So, notwithstanding the damage and loss of life, is it possible that Katrina has now actually resulted in something beneficial? (This is a sensitive question, and probably not a popular one in the Ninth Ward).

Frustrating news out of Fredericksburg, Virginia: An historic house that can been seen in Civil War era photographs, was demolished this week.

Ever wonder what it would be like to date some famous men in history, like Napoleon, Franklin, or James Madison? Huffpo has you covered.

And while we are being silly on a Friday, how about the Gettysburg Address, as it would have been delivered by Donald Trump? This is gold. They totally nailed it. Enjoy.


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