A Koran that predates Muhammad??; Virginia archeology; why McKinley?; monitoring Civil Rights organizations; accomplished drunks and drunk history


Wow, this is pretty big: Remember those ancient fragments of the Koran that were found recently in a British library? Well it turns out that may PREDATE Muhammad. Obviously, this has the potential to shake up the history of Islam and challenge its foundational story. Muslim scholars have been quick to respond.

And speaking of recent discoveries that have forced us to reconsider history, here’s a list of six archeological finds that have changed our understanding of Virginia’s history.

And speaking of changing history, those people that are freaking out about changing the name of Mount McKinley back to Mount Denali should probably learn why it was named after the 25th president.

Meanwhile, the Confederate debate wages on. Over the weekend, the University of Texas finally took down Jefferson Davis. Meanwhile, Vanderbilt University had a forum to discuss what to do about the Confederate Memorial Hall. The best news: in Alabama a rally to promote modern secession and support of the Rebel flag had the staggeringly high turnout out of only about 30 people.

We’ve been made aware that officials have been closely monitoring the leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement, but over on We’re History, Joshua Rothman does a nice job of reminding us that this type of government concern over the perceived subversive nature of Civil Rights organizations has a long and ugly history. (One quibble: he concludes that they should “direct more of their time and resources toward monitoring right-wing racist and antigovernment extremists,” as if those organizations are not actually also being heavily monitored. They are.)

How about a list of history’s most accomplished alcoholics? (I’m glad to see this didn’t perpetuate a myth by including U.S. Grant).

And while we are on the topic of history and alcohol, here’s a good piece explaining how the hilarious Comedy Central show “Drunk History” came to be, and providing an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the show’s production. Don’t we all love this show?


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