Henry VIII sucked; Lincoln’s boyhood; our “purge moment”; the first “cocktail”


Was Henry VIII the “worst monarch in history?” This survey of “historical writers” believes so. (Put me down for Charles I).

Over on Civil War Pop, Christian McWhirter has an interesting review of a movie about the boyhood of Abraham Lincoln, that many of us missed because it was never in wide-release. Looks like it was an interesting yet flawed film. (It is available on Amazon Prime and DVD).

Here’s a couple of profs at the University of Texas that are not happy about moving the Jeff Davis statue. They call for what I’ve always supported, contextualization. However, I think calling the removal “a serious moral and ethical mistake” is a bit extreme.

With regard to historical symbols, is America undergoing a “purge moment?”

So what was the first “cocktail,” and how can you make a less “old fashion” version of it? Enjoy.

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