A look @ PBS’s new Civil War series; staying ahead of ISIS’s destruction; 1,800 year old Roman coffin; the last WWII American death; millions of wills now online

I am very cautiously optimistic about the new upcoming PBS series set in a Civil War hospital. Here’s a good behind-the-scenes look at the production, including video.

Demolition of temples in Syria by Isis is just the latest act in a history of purposeful vandalism in the name of religion or ideology. Here’s a history of cultural destruction.. Meanwhile, with ISIS waging war against the Middle East’s ancient monuments, can archaeologists capture digital renderings of the sites before it’s too late?

Speaking of ancient relics, construction workers in Israel have stumbled on an 1,800 year old stone coffin. The sarcophagus is “one of the most important and beautiful ever discovered in the country.” It is sculpted on all sides, weighs two tons and is 2.5 meters (8 feet) long and features a life-sized figure of a person is carved on the lid.

Do you know the story of the last American killed in combat in World War II — and how his death almost changed the course of history?

Awesome new online collection of primary sources: the last wills of millions of Americans are now available (famous and not-so-famous).

Add UNC to the list of Universities with a “task force” to discuss what to do about controversial building names, monuments and etc on their campus.


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