Civil War Trust gets in on the monuments debate; Bear River Massacre; history of the scandalous “gates”; Trump might also hurt the left


The Civil War Trust is putting its weight behind the protection of all the monuments that are now endangered. They’re calling on people to sign a petition to send to Congress, pointing out that the erection of the monuments has a history of its own.

I can’t wait to get back to Richmond to see the new upgraded and enhanced “Story or Virginia” exhibit at the Virginia Historical Society. It sounds like the 20 million in renovations was money well spent.

The site of a largely forgotten massacre of Shoshone Indians is undergoing an archeological survey. The “Bear River Massacre” may have been the largest mass killing of Native-Americans, but its story is murky at best.

From Watergate to “Deflatgate,” US News and World Reports takes a brief look at all the scandals that have have had “gate” attached to them.

Donald Trump is obviously presented problems for the Republicans, but could he also cause problems for the left? History suggest that he might.


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