PBS’s new Civil War series; Elizabeth II makes history; a “Superhenge” is found; Jeffersons in Paris; Livin’ La Vida Victorian

PBS has given us another quick preview of their new Civil War TV series. Check it out!

So Queen Elizabeth II has just become the longest-reigning monarch in British history. Check out this comparison graph from Time.

And while we are on the English: archeologists have discovered that there was another set of stone monuments near Stonehenge that created a site FIVE times larger. They’re calling it “Superhenge.”

I should have posted this a few days ago: should historians stop using the words “plantation,” when discussing slavery, “slave-owners” when discussing masters, “compromise” when discussing the 1850’s, and “the Union” when discussing the Civil War? Would “labor camp,” “enslavers,” “appeasement,” and just simply the “United States” be better? I agree with the last one (and I already usually do so), I disagree about “appeasement,” but I’m not sure about the first two because I think they no longer carry as much “romantic” and legitimizing weight as this essay suggests. I could definitely be wrong here. What do you think?

Monticello has announced a new collection of manuscript letters related to Jefferson, which give some insight into his (and his daughter’s) time in Paris.

Gordon Wood has criticized the William and Mary Quarterly for “no longer concentrat[ing] exclusively on the origins of the United States,” claiming that “without some kind of historical GPS, [the journal] is in danger of losing its way.” Not surprisingly, this has provoked a defense of the journal from the folks over on The Junto.

Ok, here’s one for you: this couple is so in love with the Victorian Era that they have decided to recreate and live in it full time. I think all of us history lovers fantasize about time travel, but man, these folks have gone to the extreme to make it real. Check out this strangely fascinating read.


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