9/11 White House emails; Shelby Foote @ Gettysburg; Jeff Davis in KY; a newly discovered human-related species?; key moments in Elizabeth’s reign

The Bush Presidential Library has released some of the White House emails from 9/11. A fascinating read.

The 25th anniversary of Ken Burns’ Civil War series has garnered a lot of press attention and blogger commentary, largely centered on Shelby Foote’s now controversial contributions to the documentary. Today we’re treated with the thoughts of Christopher Gwinn, Supervisory Ranger at Gettysburg, and he includes a transcript of a speech that Foote gave at Gettysburg in 1993.

The Confederate iconography debate rages on: now 72 professors have signed a letter calling for the removal of Jeff Davis from the Kentucky state capitol.

More on Elizabeth II’s now historically long reign: the New York Times tracks the key moments of her reign.

Have researchers discovered the remains of a previously unknown species of human relative?

So you know those people we read about yesterday that are living the Victorian life? Well today they got slammed hard in this piece. “Does playing dress-up really give you a sense of what the past was like? Of corset doesn’t.” Meanwhile, Nick Sacco chimes in too, calling the folks “wacky” and appropriately blasting their assumption that primary sources are devoid of misinterpretation, exaggeration, and agenda-filled commentary.


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