RAF’s finest; video games the best way to teach history?; Rebel monument removal “ignores” or “whitewashes” history?; Civil War & horses; world’s best museums


The UK is celebrating “Battle of Britain Day,” and the British version of Huffington Post has a nice collection of photographs of the men and flight crews that contributed to the Royal Air Force’s finest hour.

And while we’re on WWII, there is more news about this whole Nazi “gold train” business. The dudes that say they found it are now claiming they’ve found two Nazi railroad tunnels in Poland that may have been used to stash valuables.

Can history be effectively taught in classrooms using video games? This author thinks so, even arguing that “Play is not just an acceptable way to understand something like slavery — it may be the best way.”

Today the editorial staff at the Washington Post stepped into the debate about Rebel monuments and etc. by promoting contextualization rather than removal. The problem, (as Kevin Levin also points out) is that in doing so, they repeat the ridiculous assertion that removing the monuments would be ignoring or whitewashing history. I am getting sick of hearing people say that. I am very much for contextualization, but let’s be clear, removal would not be ignoring or hiding history, it would be directly confronting and being honest about a history that Rebel iconography most often distorts.

And while we are back on the Civil War: here’s a good little piece on the treatment of horses and mules during the conflict. It is not a happy story.

TripAdvisor has released a list of the world’s best museums for art and history, as voted on by travelers. I dare say that most of us would consider it a pretty good bucket list to hit all of these in the top ten.


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