Emmys & Tubman; Stonewall Inn an NPS site?; future of reenacting; Popes in the White House; 11 strange myths; the wacky Sylvester Graham


History was made at the Emmys last night, as Viola Davis became the first African American woman to win the award for best actress in a drama series. In her speech, she nicely and effectively quoted Harriet Tubman.

Will the Stonewall Inn become the first National Park dedicated to LGBT history? Two members of Congress are working to do just that.

And speaking of public history, Nick Sacco has a good blog post today in which he muses about the future of historical reenactments. He grounds the discussion in the evolving methods and content of classroom education, concluding with a good example of what reenactments could/should be.

Pope Francis will soon be the third Pope to visit the White House. Here is a very brief history of the two other visits.

Is there an “American Stonehenge” in New Hampshire, or is it the work of a 19th century shoemaker?

Archeologists have found some neat little board game pieces at the site of an ancient Roman city.

So here’s a list of the “11 strangest myths that people believe” that are not true. Not a bad list, and I especially like seeing the belief that the Civil War was not about slavery listed as a “strange myth.”

Speaking of strange, what teacher doesn’t love to enthrall and crack up their classes with stories about Sylvester Graham? Don’t know who that is? Check this essay on Huffpo


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