More on Roanoke mystery; another Nazi is charged; is Montgomery, Alabama the #2 destination for history buffs?; history’s biggest backstabbers

colony-945The New York Times has a really interesting piece today about the archeloggy going on that may soon provide the definitive proof of what happened to at least some of the settlers of the “Lost Colony” of Roanoke.

Looks like another Nazi is about to pay a price for their sins, despite being 91 years old. Get ’em

Is Gettysburg the best US destination for history buffs? This list from USA Today says so. The most surprising thing about the list, however, is that Montgomery, Alabama comes in at #2, ahead of places like Williamsburg, Philadelphia, and Boston. Hmmm.

St. Louis was not on that list, but here’s a nice article from the Smithsonian about the history of the arch.

So to honor the anniversary of Benedict Arnold’s betrayal, here’s a list of history’s biggest backstabbers.


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