Haunting images from Lincoln assassination; history of US collateral damage; why be a history major?; Homer Simpson’s roots?; chastity belts?; “haunted” hotels cash in

NPS curators are painstakingly restoring the only known painting of the Lincoln assassination by an eyewitness. As the layers of dirt and grime are pealed away, some very haunting images are emerging.

The US military made a huge mistake and hit a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan. Sadly, this isn’t the first time in US history that a mistake like this has been made. Here’s a brief history.

All of us teachers have had students that are interested in history, but that express concern (largely coming from their parents) about what they can expect to do with a history major when they graduate. Here’s a good blog post from an undergrad student that you might want to pass along to any such students. She nicely argues that history informs (or at least should) all policymaking discussions and decisions.

Here’s something interesting to consider: is Homer Simpson a product of the lingering legacy of British 19th century anti-Irish cartoons?

How about this one: was the medieval chastity belt real, or was it always the product of satire?

And lastly, for my Halloween season posting: here’s an article on how supposedly haunted hotels (like the place in Colorado that was used for the filming of The Shining) have cashed in on their spectral reputations.


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