Henry V war ship found; NAACP doesn’t want MLK on Stone Mtn either; reclaiming a slave cemetery in VA; a legend retires; more ghost fun


It is always neat when a Civil War era ship is found and raised, but this is way cooler. Researchers believe that have found one of Henry V’s war ships from the 100 Years War. It is perfect timing, as the country is set to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt in just two weeks.

So you know that story yesterday about how the Sons of Confederate Veterans are opposing an MLK monument on top of Stone Mountain? Well, today we learn that the NAACP and the SCLC are against it too. “Neither side wants its legacy associated with the other.”

Nice piece here about a slave cemetery in Leesburg, Virginia that has been reclaimed from the woods and recently rededicated. We need more projects like this.

The announcement that Steve Spurrier is resigning has rocked the sports world. His career is important in the history of college sports, and here venerated sports journalist Tony Barnhart does a nice job of praising the “old ball coach” and showing how he transformed college football into the game that it is today.

Have youngsters that love history and travel? Here’s a pretty good list from Huffpo of twenty “oldest cities in the U.S. for young history buffs.”

And my “just-for-fun” Halloween-season posting for today: Here are short blurbs on nine of the world’s most famous ghosts. And here’s a bonus for today: Williamsburg has the blog post on the Peyton Randolph house, supposedly the most haunted one in their town.


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