Oldest King James Bible manuscript found?; in defense of classroom lectures; Kevin Levin vs “Black Confederates”; worst sports plays in history; more Williamsburg ghost fun


Remember that story about an early edition of the King James Bible that was recently discovered in a church cupboard? Well now a researcher is claiming that he has found the oldest known handwritten manuscript of the King James Bible.

This NY Times Op-ed piece was posted over the weekend, and I love it. University of North Carolina history professor Molly Worthen provides a great defense of the good old fashioned classroom lecture, and does so with passion and verve. Some feel that humanities lectures have become obsolete and ineffective with the social media generation, and that more “active learning” in the classroom is the direction we should take. I’m not opposed to “active learning” and have incorporated more of that kind of thing in some of my classes, but I am not going to abandon good lecturing for the reasons that Worthen elucidates here. In fact, the social media generation NEEDS the old lecture format for precisely the very reasons she argues.

Over on the History News Network, Kevin Levin has a new posting that continues his valiant war against those that believe in and perpetuate the “Black Confederate” myth. With so much crap on the internet that spreads such garbage, we all owe Kevin a huge favor for waging this war and thus continually building more and more content on the web that hopefully search engines will find when people start typing in things like “black confederates.”

Well, after that crazy ending to the Michigan/Michigan State game, how about a listing (and videos) of the “20 worst plays in sports history?” USA Today has it covered.

And for today’s “just-for-fun” Halloween season posting: Colonial Williamsburg has posted yet another tale, this one involving a possible murder, some legal favoritism, and echoes of an Edgar Allen Poe poem.


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