Hate as heritage in MS; Netanyahu doubles down; does the History Channel keep the frontier thesis alive?


So remember the other day when the Ole Miss student senate voted to remove the state flag from their campus because of its Confederate imagery? Turns out that a handful of protestors of that decision showed up, and they were well armed. Yikes! And check out their signs. It is heritage, not hate, right?

Well, despite widespread criticism from a wide array of scholars, Netanyahu doubles down on his claim that Hitler got his idea for his “final solution” from a Palestinian.

Does Turner’s “frontier thesis” survive in popular culture in the form of the History Channel’s ridiculous programming? Intriguing essay here from We’re History: “The History Channel and the Myth of American Exceptionalism.” Good stuff, but too bad it doesn’t help explain the popularity of this guy.

The anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt is coming up, so how about a list of ten things you might not know about that battle? Sure, why not?

My just-for-fun Halloween posting for today: here’s BBC Magazine’s “top five hauntings in history.”


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