Ellis Island immigrant photos; Broadway’s Hamilton meets high schoolers; a Greek warrior’s tomb; DNA from Beringia’s first settlers; Vampire folklore


Now this is very cool: here’s a collection of photos taken by a registration clerk at Ellis Island in the early 20th century, of newly arriving immigrants dressed in native costumes and/or folk dress. Great pics.

So the wildly successful Broadway musical about Alexander Hamilton continues to grab headlines. This time, it is because they are going to bring 20,000 high schoolers from low income families into see the show for free. Awesome. Take that, Jefferson.

Big archeology news out of Greece: they have discovered the tomb of a greek warrior from 1500 BC, and it is stocked with a large amount of important relics, including weapons and gold ornaments. The greek ministry of culture labels it as “the most important [tomb] to have been discovered in 65 years in continental Greece.” Check it out (especially the pics).

And here’s some big archaeology news out of Alaska: researchers have extracted DNA from the remains of two children that lived about 11,500 years ago and were among the so-called “first Americans.” The results may tell us much about whether or not the theory is true that these people were trapped in Beringia for thousands of years before they could move farther into North America.

The preservation efforts to save the core part of the Brandy Station Battlefield in Virginia (the largest cavalry battle in North America) has been successfully completed! Now the effort shifts to creating a park there.

And my just-for-fun Halloween-season posting for today: Vampire folklore goes back well before Hollywood movies and Bram Stoker novels. Here’s a look at vampire “fact, fiction, and folklore.”


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