Another MS flag removal; Carson needs Nazi history lesson; Ancient Greek shipwrecks; history of the haunted house, and zombies!


In the wake of the flag removal at Ole Miss, the University of Southern Mississippi has now done the same. Wonder what they are waiting on in Starkville?

Among the many wacky things that Ben Carson says, perhaps his most egregious are metaphors involving Nazis. Here’s a call for him to visit some historic sites in Germany so that he can get a history lesson or two to straighten out his ridiculous statements.

Greek researchers have found an underwater area that contains 22 ancient Greek shipwrecks. They span a large time period, and their cargoes contain a lot of revealing items.

My just-for-fun Halloween-season postings come from great sources. First Smithsonian has an interesting piece on the “History of the Haunted House” (as in the attraction kind we see at this time of year), arguing that while they date back to the 19th century, it was Disney that turned it into a cultural icon. Secondly, The Atlantic gives us the “tragic, forgotten history of zombies,” pinning the roots of our zombie myths on voodoo and Haitian slaves that imagined being trapped as slaves in their own bodies forever.

And here’s a bonus for ya: Colonial Williamsburg employee Emily Doherty shares her research into, and experiences with, perhaps the town’s most famous ghost story—the tale of Lady Anne Skipwith.


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