Witches, White House ghosts, werewolves, Quija boards, and hooking-up on Halloween.


As we get closer to the weekend, it seems that more and more of the web’s history-related news stories involve Halloween content. So let’s indulge!!:

Famed historian John Demos has an interview in which he discusses the history of witch hunting. You’ll be glad to know that he doesn’t believe in them.

And speaking of witches, one of Colonial Williamsburg best evening programs has long been the recreation of a witch trial from the early 1700s. So what is the true story behind the case? Here’s the story of Grace Sherwood.

The White House Historical Society has a posting on ghost stories. Lincoln is not the only one that people have claimed to see haunting the president’s house.

How about “Five real-life werewolves from history?” Did you know that about 7,600 people were killed by wolves in France between 1362 and 1918?

What were Halloween parties like in 1919? Like today, much of the evening was geared toward hooking-up!

Personally, I stay far away from Ouija Boards, but they are popular at this time of year. So where did they come from? Not surprisingly, the roots go back to the rise of spiritualism in 19th century America. Check out “Ouija’s creepy history.”


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